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Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope to answer a number of frequently asked questions on this page however if you are still unsure please get in touch using the contact form

Can my loved-one have a memorial on this website?

Every person is valued and worthy of remembrance, whatever their cause of death. We created Remember Me in response to the COVID-19 pandemic because of its scale and its effect on the community’s ability to say goodbye to loved ones and mourn together.

The purpose of the book is to be a memorial to those who have died as a result of the pandemic, and an ongoing remembrance of the impact of this pandemic on the UK. We recognise too that it is not always known whether or not someone has died of the virus, and that some people may have died for reasons to do with the restrictions introduced to respond to it.

We also want to share the sorrow of families and friends of all those whose farewells and funerals have been disrupted, and for the ongoing impact the pandemic has had upon them.

Who can create a memorial?

Anyone can create a memorial however we do ask that only one memorial is created for each person who has died.

As a result we do recommend speaking with family and friends before you create a memorial to save disappointment or future edits

What will the memorial look like?

We will display the first name and surname of the person you are remembering along with their year of birth, year of death, your message and photograph.

The rest of the information gathered is for security purposes and will not be shared. 

Can I create a memorial without a death certificate number?

We have asked for the death certificate number as an added security measure, but we recognise that some people submitting the names of loved ones may not have access to this number.

If that is so in your case, then do still send in a memorial.

I received a profanity error message, why is this?

Our security filter is very sensitive and has been halting three kisses ‘xxx’ as a profanity.  You could leave spaces between x’s or try a different number. If this doesn’t work please do get in touch using the contact form

I cannot submit a memorial, how do I fix this?

Using a different internet browser or device can solve some technical problems experienced with the website.

If this does not work please do get in touch using the contact form

My photograph is not loading/displaying, what can I do?

Please do not worry if a photograph loads sideways, our moderators will correct this before publishing a memorial to the website.

If you added a photograph to a memorial but can only see a candle this could be for one of two reasons; either the photograph did not upload correctly or it contained more than one person and was halted for data protection reasons.

If you would like us to upload a photograph to the memorial on your behalf please email it to along with the name of the person you are remembering.